We work for leading names in a diverse range of industries including but not limited to Medical, Legal, Finance, Entertainment, Education, Engineering, Agriculture and Technology sectors. These Companies choose us because of our translation management expertise and international network of professional translators as well as our secure platforms and processes. Our work ethos is directed to make the language translation process as smooth, painless and cost-effective as possible.

We have a team of professional translators that includes Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Urdu, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Dutch, Hebrew, Mexican, Swedish, Russian as well as Indian, Asian, African, European, Scandinavian and Latin American language translators. Our translators have exceptional, high quality linguistic skills and accuracy in their language. We guarantee the final translation product will be 100% genuine. If not, our translators will revise as needed, included in the cost of your order. The languages listed are not the only ones we are limited to. If you don’t see the language you need listed, please place a product inquiry.

We also provide Notary Certified translation.

Transcription and Subtitling

Transcription in its simplest form is the transformation of verbal and audio materials into text. Basically, transcription involves listening to a recording of something and typing the contents into a document.

We have been providing professional subtitling and closed captioning services for leading Film Makers, TV Channels, Advertisement Agencies, Government Agencies, Corporations, Libraries and Universities. Our team of native and full time transcription and subtitling experts is adept at providing subtitles for Movies, Television Productions, YouTube Videos, Documentaries and Corporate Films. We only hire those who are completely fluent in the source language and experienced in the field of subtitling and transcription. They have minimum 5 years of experience in subtitling and transcription.

Voice Over Recording

That background voice explaining a product or service is as important as the other aspects of an advertisement. Ads with voice-overs score higher on credibility, convey the message better as well as help engage the consumer.

We provide audio production and voice overs for today's new media. We produce audio and voice overs for Films, Radio, Television, Documentaries, Corporate Presentations, Websites, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Corporate and Promotional Videos, Training programs, Public Service Announcements, Commercials localized for specific country, Product Endorsement, Narratives, Imaging, Promos, E-learning, Instructional guides, Jingles, etc.

We utilize voice talent from the industry to provide our customers with the most diverse and highest quality voice over products and voice talent available. Our voice-over artists from all over the world have solid background in media and advertising. Male and female voices chosen with care from our talent pool of native voices in Asian, European & Indian languages, will give life and credibility to any of your messages.

We have been using cutting-edge technology for delivering excellent production quality that helps you deliver the apt message.


We provide interpretation services in almost all the major languages. We have a wide network of professional interpreters, all of whom are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in the specific industry. Our interpreters are highly skilled and available to you when you need them.

Our Services

- Corporate Interpretation

- Conference, Seminars and Conventions Interpretation

- Business Meetings and Company Meetings Interpretation